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. two, it is -- has got to become a priority for our united states senate and for harry reid, our majority leader. he has got to begin to work with not simply republicans, they are not going to vote for these democrats, but, for democrats, the moderate democrats who are afraid of standing up and voting for good, progressive judges. he's got to approach those moderate democrats. he has got to buttress those democrats. we have to do our bit to give those democrats -- and we know who they are -- confidence and standing up for good judges. we need to ensure that the senators on the senate judiciary committee step up to the plate as well. now, we know judge sotomayor, now justice sotomayor as doug mentioned was a little bit timid at those hearings but she had a job to do and that was to get confirmed. the senators on that judiciary committee, particularly those democrats, have to articulate as everyone has said, a very broad vision of why judges are important. why courts are important. and why we need strong progressives on these courts and so we all have our bit to do. i am very, very
, current events, and politics. monday night chris andersen, and senate majority leader harry reid. >> coming up next book tv presents after words. this week in new york city ben mezrich. the accidental billionaires. mr. mezrich details the web site. its current international status and profiles several of the principal players and the development including the current ceo, mark zuckerberg. he discusses his book with a.j. jacobs, editor-at-large of esquire magazine. >> host: hello. my name is a.j. jacobs. book tv after words. i am here today with ben mezrich who has written about a very interesting book about the founding of this book called "the accidental billionaires". >> guest: thanks very much. >> host: as our viewers may know you have pretty much created your on literary genre of the financial thriller. these books about billionaire man who beat the system somehow. ton of cash. >> i write about young kids and wild things. they are usually geniuses who pulled something of, some sort of scheme. i am interested in people who made fortunes. more fun to hang out with crazy rich ki
, current events and politics. monday night, kris anderson and senate majority leader harry reid. >> james lovelock, a warning sign to send originator of the guy at theory presents the theory that there's nothing we can do to stop the earth from getting hotter so it is time to concentrate on how to save ourselves. south down all cultural community center in washington hosted this event. it is just over an hour. [applause] >> thank you, everybody, for that wonderful welcome, and thank you for your kind introduction. it will make my speech easier. ladies and gentlemen, where i live, in the united kingdom, summer last year was cool and wet, and the winter was the coldest of this century. these affects were not just in our country, they were felt in china and parts of this great continent as well. the gulf of mexico last year, last summer, was 8 degrees celsius cooler than it has been in previous years which is just as well. it did not do the damage that its sister, katrina, did the year before. my friends among climatologists tell me the average
on the economy, current events and politics. monday night, kris anderson and senate majority leader harry reid. three days of peace, love and music, 40 years ago this weekend, half a million people gathered for woodstock. co-founder michael lang takes us behind the scenes tonight at 9:00 eastern on both tv. >> in your new book from the new deal to the new right, you argue that modern conservatism was found in the south, why? >> the reason i make that claim is often people talk about southern strategy, the capture of the south by the gop after the 1960s beginning with barry goldwater, nixon's 72 election but in some ways, the situation is the reverse, southerners played a key role in development in the conservative capture of the republican party itself, and also republican ascendance national league. in certain ways, a combination of southern segregationist politics and northern economic conservatism were blended over time by various political actors in a way that allowed the national language of racial resentment and opposition to federal and state power in the democratic party in general. >>
week in prime time. more books on the economy, currency events and politics. fritz henderson and harry reid. >> former new york
. majority leader harry reid has announced a final vote on the nomination will have then thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. eastern. wednesday speakers included samet terse mel martinez, kit bond, john cornyn, al franken and a group of women senators. >> senator of minnesota is recognized. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you, mr. chairman for those remarks on behalf of judge sonia sotomayor for a very strong nominee. s chairman of the senate judiciary committee i want to thank you and senator sessions for the way you conducted the confirmation hearing, the dignity shown to the nominee in that hearing. i think that was very important to the process. we may not have agreed with the conclusions some of the colleagues reached but no one can argue it was conducted with great dignity. today i will be speaking in support of judge sotomayor's nomination but first i am going to be joined by several of my esteemed fellow women senators including senator shaheen of new hampshire who is here already. senator stabenow of michigan, senator jalabert and from new york and senator murray of washington state. w >>host: harry reid it is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to interview you we have done a lot of things together over many, many years but this is a first for i am looking forward to having the opportunity to talk about your new book. >>guest: we have this longstanding relationship of 26 years but i am so used to having people question me that even you i am a little anxious with you. [laughter] >>host: this will be fun. tell me how you came across the the title "the good fight" what does that mean? >>guest: i think the fact that fight is not negative it is part of what life is all about. you cannot have good fights that are not to unnecessary you cannot have fights just to be fighting and so i thought that was a good title so o if people want me to put my name on the book i say it is our fight so that is the best that i can come up with. >>host: i think it is a great title and i appreciate you're right teeing you inscribed the book to me, and unlike anybody who has written a book you had done that around the tidal and i appreciate that. >> i know what i put it in your book my
fight. thank you harry reid for sharing that could fight story with us today and let's continue to believe >> the first named hurricane of this season has been named but hurt her 10 bill is still not a threat to land congress recently held a hearing looking a hurricane preparedness and economic effect of the storm is part of this is two hours [inaudible conversations] >> good morning welcome to the commerce committee and on this panel we are joined by a distinguished group of experts, the assistant administrator for oceanic and atmospheric research dr. richard spinrad leaves the office at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and dr. richard spinrad will discuss the efforts to improve research were predicting and forecasting hurricanes and the agency's work with coastal states to assess vulnerability to hurricanes and to try to create something that we all desire which is a disaster resistant community. and dr. kelvin droegemeier the associate vice president for research and reset -- regents professor for meteorology at the university of oklahoma. dr. kelvin droege
leader harry reid. . . the agency's ignore the their marks at their peril because the appropriations committees make it very clear that if they don't fund the earmarked they will cut their budget the following year. that was literally what happened when citizens against government waste first of the -- started looking at here marks in 1989/1988. the head of the office of management and budget listed all of the unauthorid programs and projects that were in the propriations bills and technically should not be funded by the administration. he got some phone calls and a letter from the appropriations committee chairman saying if you ever come up with such a list again we will cut your budget in half. ey can't cut our budget because he was working with us for much of that time. we decided they can't do anything to citizens against government waste so we will take up this effort and a few years later in 1991 we did issue the first congressional takeover we give out anchor awards, leave these big books in our newsletter in the backs and see what the organization has done. this year in parti
. not just the people but leaders in nancy pelosi to harry reid and not once did bush say anything or anything about his opposition. the fact that he had a shoe thrown at him and posts like the "huffington post" and other media took glee on them. i wish people would get away from these the name-calling and all come together which blinds and kind of distracts us from the issue at hand which is the issue hayes been debated. whether it's cap-and-trade, or whatever. top being emotional about political figures. whether it's barack obama or it's a republican, we should not take glee in uplifting a mere man. it's about the greatness of this country and the things that we need to do to help in continuing to make this country the greatest nation in the world. thank you. >> well, the word is out from scotland. you knew that there was going to be a decision about whether or not the lockerbie bomber would be freed on compassionate grounds because he got terminal prostate cancer. the associated press runned this this, sco 's justice minister has freed t terminal ill lockerbie bomb on compassion
. >> the spokesman for samet majority leader harry reid said that one of the intent to -- their hope is that it will be a bipartisan health care reform effort, they will get health care reform accomplished by any legislative means necessary. and i'm wondering if you could walk cost through -- obviously people in the white house have been talking to each other, strategizing about different ways that this can be done. first of all, could you comment on today's wall street journal story about the discussions about possibly splitting up the bill? but also, what are the thoughts -- obviously we all know that your intention is that it be a bipartisan bill but beyond that what are you planning for? >> i said this this morning. i have -- i read the story in the journal. i tried to get guidance from people. i have not been able to because many people get that from our are on vacation. we will try to get you better guidance on that in terms of splitting up bills. >> if you could give robert the numbers. [laughter] >> i mean jonathan story also had in their the president was going to meet with
at the direction of this country under president obama, harry reid and nancy pelosi. they have spent billions of dollars in the lt few months and we are trillions of dollars in debt. congressman connelly, you are our representative. you represent we, the people. implore you to vote no on this bill, and prevent our country from sliding into enomic decline. >> first of all, i am sorry for your le's. my grandmother had alzheimer's and she in a sense unfortunately was healthy otherwise, and so she lived a long time with this debilitating illness that is so devastating to see someone you love gradually fadeaway fadeawaa person you know. let me just say, while there may be the impression out there, especially if we watch too much of fox news -- can't help it, i'm a democrat, but there are no panels that are going to tell you or your doctors what a loved one is going to get suffering, for example, from alzheimer's. there are going to be studies looking at comparative effectiveness, so that we know what treatments make sense. let me give an example. we now know that inhe treatment of breast cancer, m
harry reid. however, that is not exactly the case. the constitution does grant congress the power to spend. no money shall be drawn from the treasury but by consequence of appropriations made by law. now the bylaw is of very interesting way to approach it as well. when members of congress and these year marks to the appropriations bill it is not in this statute. they are added in what is called committee reports. so it is really an extra legal way of spending money. the agencies ignored these year marks at their peril because the appropriations committees make it very clear that if they don't fund the earmarks they will cut their budget the following year. that was literally what happened when citizens against government waste back in 1988 and 1989. lifted all of the unauthorized programs and projects that were in the appropriations bills. technically they should not be funded by the administration. well, he got some phone calls and we even got a letter from the appropriations committee chairman saying if you ever come up with such a list again will cut your budget and a half. so
harry reid. >> this fall, and to the home to america's highest court, from the grand public places, to those only accessible by the nine justices, the supreme court, coming the first sunday in october on c-span2 -- un c-span. >> now a discussion on technology issues facing congress and the obama administration including cybersecurity, national broadband and government information technology. the lobbying group tec america hosted this group in washington, it is about an hour. >> they will not serve a tech policy in washington. to that end i wanted to introduce phillip bond as soon as he put on his microphone, president of tech america. he will have a few opening remarks to kind of the lay of the land of the various issues that we have been watching and what we are looking for in the fall and then we have a number of our policy experts on hand and on the phone as well to facilitate what we hope will be a fruitful q&a session for all of you. >> thank you very much. can you pick it up or not? >> bear with me for one minute. i am technologically challenged. there we go. welcome to every
with a number of senate is yet to speak, majority leader harry reid is confident a final confirmation vote will take place this week. also possible, an infusion of funds for the cash for clunkers program and work on a bill promoting u.s. tourism. more live senate coverage at 5:00 p.m. eastern when the gavel comes down on c-span2. we have lots of information on the sonia sotomayor nomination available. the can watch videos of the senate debate. a confirmation hearing with the senate judiciary committee and various speeches she had some given and conference that she has participated in. you can read her written answers to questions from the judiciary committee. that is all available at as the senate continues in their break. we will show you more from washington journal with a chat we had this morning with senator jim rich, republican from idaho. >> host: let's start with one of the big topics, you have said he will oppose her nomination. why is that? >> guest: for the exact same reason president obama opposed the two nominations he voted on. she was kind enough to spend a consid
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